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Ata Elyas

WT coaching L1

Triathlete since 2017

Passionate about sport and started his journey with running in 2007 and got into triathlon in 2017. Co-founder & head of coaching of Jeddah Tribe since 2019. Participated in several global triathlon events from sprint events all the way to Ironman 70.3 distance. Certified Ironman coach, World Triathlon L1 coach and completed other courses related to nutrition and cycling. His coaching philosophy focuses on achieving athletes goals while enjoying the journey in a safe environment; moreover, he is supportive in his approach and values commitment.

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Abdulmajeed Almuayqil

WT coaching L1

Adidas Runners Academy - Holistic

Triathlon 2014
Running 2016

10+ years’ experience in the sporting world. With experience managing and participating in local and international sporting events. Passionate about fitness and health and excelling in everything I cross paths with.


Earned a Bachelor degree in Information Systems and Masters in Software Engineering. If I’m not transitioning from swimming to cycling in a triathlon, you’ll find me training in the early hours for a race

Coaching Experiences

  • Adidas Runner Coach (May 2021 - Present)



  • 2XU, 2016

  • Adidas, 2017

  • Adidas, (2021 - Present)



  • Olympic distance (+30)

  • Half-Ironman (5x)

  • ITU maxi (2x)

  • Ironman (1x)



  • Half-Marathon Road (+100)

  • Half-Marathon Trail (2x)

  • Marathon (4x)

  • Eco-Trail AlUla Ultra Trail 85km

  • UTMB Oman Ultra Trail 137km

Abdulaziz Alyahya.jpg

Abdulaziz Alyahya

WT coaching L1

Triathlete since 2017

I am interested in endurance racing and have the experience and patience to teach and learn in this field

‏also I participated in triathlons races. As well as Aquathlon and Duathlon games in the GCC and UK.

‏I have completed two half Ironman races Oman , Egypt and I am still looking forward to many participating.

‏  At many points of my life I've been responsible for motivating others whether that being rider of the horse endurance team, I have always had a great passion for helping people achieve. I enjoy working with a wide range of triathletes from those aiming to complete their first Ironman, qualifying for the age group team or achieving a place on the podium.


Bachir Nasr

WT coaching L2

Triathlon Coach +10yrs


Being a group fitness exercise instructor for more than ten years has helped me to have strong motivation skills. Triathlon needs a lot of skills and knowledge; I worked for more than five years on building skills and learning everything about devices, equipment and race tactics. I helped training age groups in achieving good results in triathlon.



  • Triathlon Coach l Freelancer2016 till present

  • Training more than 120 triathletes reaching their goals

  • Athlete profile, field tests for swim bike & run

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Safety and awareness

  • Working on individual short and long term objectives for each athlete

  • Knowledge in equipment and accessories

  • Analyzing all kind of data collection and athlete potentials

  • Nutrition knowledge and helping athletes with their Diet

  • Assessments to evaluate each athlete’s performance

  • Highly experience with kids and youth toward coaching and mentoring

  • Personal Trainer2009 till present Working with all levels and cases.

  • Fitness and group exercises instructor2008 till present

  • Whim gym, 2008 till present

  • Metropolitan club, 2013 till 2018

  • Class sport fitness, 2012 till 2015

  • Movenpick hotel and resorts, 2010 till 2014

  • Body Energy, 2009 till 2012


  • 2002 till present


  • Owner of Renaissance fitness2014 till 2016


  • Founder of TriToBe academy ( biking and triathlon academy)

Abdulrahman Sabbagh

Abdulrahman Sabbagh

WT coaching L1

Running since 2017
Duathlon 2018
Triathlon 2020

Sports have been a central part for over 7 years. Completed 11 full marathons including a world major Marathon (TCS New York - 2018) and participated in sprints and Olympic Triathlon races. Helped athletes as an official coach for Riyadh Marathon weekly training sessions. I'm an elite Ambassador of the Ecotrail Alula Ultramarathon. Enthusiastic about the promotion of a Healthy Active community also adding to this; I'm an ambassador of The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA). Happy to help athletes of all levels, abilities, ages to personal bests.

I follow an athlete-centered approach that has helped athletes of all levels, abilities, ages to personal bests.
Training is individualized according to the athlete's needs and personal goals

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