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Challenge Roth 2023

This is a FULL DISTANCE race that is a must to do in your triathlon career. It has everything!! We were 5 Saudis this year to participate. It was an absolute experience.

Names were: 1. Dina Altayeb

2. Mohammed AlHArbi

3. Mohammed AlMarzooqi

4. Meshary AlAyed

5. Ali Magboul

Landing :

You could land in Munich Airport and then it's 1hr drive or 1hr30min via Train. Or you can land in Nuremberg Airport and then it's 20min via Train too. However, I do recommend that you rent a CAR. Since logistically afterwards, it's needed. So, for me a CAR was a must to have.

Accommodation :

We had chosen to stay in Roth as it's more convenient for PRE/POST race. Note that you need to book before the race like way way before.

Our Hotel was : Rothsee-Hotel Schulstraße 13 90584 Allersberg Telefon: 09176 833 Telefax: 09176 997111

Also, a nice ITALIAN restaruant just a walk away from the HOTEL and you can really enjoy some PIZZA or PASTA :

Il Fagiano Rother Str. 19, 90584 Allersberg, Germany

The hotel is very good and very friendly family. Also, the good part that on racing day, the breakfast starts at 04:00, which gives a lot of time for preparations for your RACE DAY.


Swimming is in Rhine–Main–Danube Canal around 10 km outside Roth and it's amazing. The water is fresh and is straight line turn and back again. You just need to count the passing of the two bridges and that's it. The crowd is amazing and you will love it.

The Bike Course is 2 loops and it's an amazing experience, the crowds, the fans and the volunteers are unbelievable. Famous climb is the SOLAR HILL and believe me you wont feel it because of the atmosphere. There are other hills too and they are all amazing due to the support you will get from the fans and volunteers. Aid stations are amazing, everything is there basically, you don't need to get much of things. Except, if you do need certain gels.

The Run is then along the canal, some AREAS are not easy as you will talk to yourself, but this is the same as you do long day training. Some crazy up hills starts after 30th kilometer and it's like never ends. However, aid stations are every 1.7Km and do please look for the SALT and LEMON in order to avoid cramps and stay fresh always.

The Finish Line is in the ARENA and unbelievable, it can't be imagined. You need to take your TIME and WATCH it carefully... Enjoy every 2nd of it. This is ROTH This is the RACE and finally this is the home of triathlon city.

Some info; to do before or after the race >>

Top 10 things to do in ROTH >>

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