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WTS AbuDhabi 2019 Triathlon

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Here it's with one week had past now. Heading to our new TARGET and moving forward. We had so much fun and enjoyment.

You need to watch out that on RACE DAY a breakfast is served before going to the race. Also, make sure to have a ROAD BIKE rather than a TT Bike was not the option.

The KSA Tri Team was split between Olympic distances and Sprint ones. Also, we had the chance to involve our kids also during the day before for some Triathlon or Duoathlon races.

HOTEL(s) you can choose between lots of options in YAS ISLAND; Centro Rotana, Park Inn, Radissun Blu or Yas Main Hotel (the most expensive one). Also, you can contact the organizers and gives you a FLAT for 7 people, next to the EXPO Village.


is good to land in AbuDhabi as it's 12min. drive to YAS ISLAND. While Dubai Airport is almost 1hr30min. drive.


Ali M

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